The New Guide to Single Stream Recycling.

New Guidelines

Recycling is good for everyone, and good for the planet.

Putting acceptable materials all into one container (Single Stream) makes the system more efficient and far easier to process. Please use this guide to learn exactly what can be recycled, and what cannot.

Glass Recycling


Good to go:
Rinsed glass bottles and jars

Paper Recycling


Good to go:
Paper and corrugated shipping cartons (flat), opened mail, phone and paperback books, file folders, white and color office papers, newspapers, magazines and catalogs, egg cartons, rinsed paper milk and juice cartons

Plastic Recycling


Good to go:
Rinsed plastic bottles (caps too), jugs, tubs, and screw-top jars

Metal Recycling


Good to go:
Rinsed cans, loose metal jar lids and bottle caps, aerosol cans, rinsed clean balled aluminum foil, baking trays and pie plates

Not this stuff

Never place these common items in your curbside recycling container:

• Plastic bags of any kind

• Food and organic waste

• Styrofoam

• Soiled pizza boxes

• Items with food or grease

• Needles of any kind

• Building materials

• Garden hoses

• Soiled aluminum foil

• Towels and sheets

•Packing peanuts

• To-go containers

of any kind, including

coffee cups and lids

•Clothing hangers

• Plastic tableware

• Window and auto glass

• Light bulbs

• Yard waste

• Batteries

• Clothing

• Pet & foil food bags

• Electronics

• Ceramics

• Toys

Not sure if it's recyclable? Use the search feature below.