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Bulky Item Pick-up

Introducing on-demand pick-up of those heavy, bulky, and unwanted items that are driving you crazy! Get a guaranteed reservation to finally get rid of your junk.

Every month, we will post one or two days where we will accept reservations to pick up and remove any heavy/bulky items. All you have to do is reserve a time!

Simply fill out the form below (or call!). Give us a description of the item(s) you wish you have removed as well as your preferred time for pick-up. We’ll look it over and contact you to confirm our schedule.

We always strive to price our on-demand dedicated pickup service fairly for everyone. Please note that we have a $40 minimum charge to dispatch a truck and staff for this handy service.

To receive pricing in advance, we encourage you to provide a picture of the item(s) with its location, such as, “a sleeper sofa on the second floor,” for example. You can add images to the reservation form below.

Hint: A sofa left in your driveway for pickup will be less expensive to get rid of than one we have to move from the second floor.  Please feel free to phone during business hours to discuss costs and any other details.

Upcoming Thursday Dates for Bulk Pick-ups:
June 20th, July 25th

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Mover Fridge

We’ll Do it for you!

When you have stuff to move or get rid of, we’ll custom-design a solution
to take care of it for you from start to finish. Just ASK ANGIE! 

Ask Angie Jansky Waste Management Pro

Angie has the answers for your residential and commercial waste management needs for all of the Jansky family services. Existing customers can also contact Angie directly using our contact form.